Welcome to Fil-Am Friendship Network (FAFNET)
FAFNET members happily posed with Fr. Ray Reyes after the blessing of FAFNET's HQ dubbed "The Friends House."
Building bridges of friendship anywhere we go.
2011 was a banner year for FAFNET.  Realizing the need to have a place to call "home," enterprising FAFNET officers took a bold step and rented a commercial space on Holloway Avenue.   After a month-long renovation, FAFNET opened the doors of THE FRIENDS HOUSE to the community.  Members and friends celebrated the day with fun activities. Our profound thanks to Rev. Ray Reyes for gracing the grand opening with his presence and for blessing THE FRIENDS HOUSE.  The blessing was immediately followed by line dancing led by Allen Isidro and ballroom rehearsals conducted by Loulie and Eric Reyes.  Click here to see photos from the event.

FAFNET is a non-profit organization duly organized and registered in the State of California.  We are an organization committed to enhancing the lives of diverse people through scholarship programs and educational assistance initiatives to economically challenged but academically gifted students, promoting cultural understanding by establishing  classes and special lessons featuring traditional folk dances along with contemporary line and ballroom dances for adults and youths in the community to help combat juvenile delinquency, and supporting environmental consciousness through recycling programs. 

We provide assistance and volunteer our services whenever possible, individually or as a group, to selected organizations (religious or non-religious), local and foreign, that are in compliance with California and U.S. Federal Tax laws.

We share our talent in the field of Filipino cultural performing arts with other organizations and institutions in the community.  We help preserve, share, and educate others about Filipino culture and enrich it with American ideals.

We organize fundraising activities to raise funds for FAFNET's scholarship programs, various Filipino cultural initiatives, and other community-oriented projects, and provide fun social activities as well for the membership to enjoy.

We undertake activities that nourish spiritual growth and development, provide support whenever possible to other nonprofit organizations that empower the community, and provide a forum for leadership in civic, religious or non-religious organizations and other entities that reflect FAFNET's mission and vision.
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